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Common Electrical Problems

To grasp the scope of possible problems, and develop a strategy to solve them, we look at symptoms and causes. We can categorize what is wrong by the symptoms produced or by the cause. . But first, let’s consider the symptoms:

Symptoms Of a Possible Problem:

  • 1.Doesn’t Work: This is is pretty much self explanatory and the most obvious cause for alarm.
  • 2. Shocks: Someone experienced a shock.
  • 3. Won’t go off: Something won’t turn off.
  • 4. Blinks or flickers: Something is working now but goes on and off as if it had a mind of it’s own.
  • 5. Dims or brightens unexpainably: Things dim or brighten or in response to turning something on or off.

Causes Defined:

  • 1. Circuit or main wire connection open. An open refers to an unintended discontinuity somewhere along a circuit’s path.
  • 2. Overload/Short/Ground-fault. These three causes together because they are ultimate causes whose usual causes are tripped breakers, blown fuses, or tripped GFIs.
  • 3. Ground-fault with no ground. Shocks are possible when a person’s body provides the unintended path for a hot (faulting) device, fixture, or appliance toward a grounded wire, device, fixture, appliance, pipe, or to the earth itself.
  • 4. Mis-set or bad device. Switches, outlets, light fixtures, and light bulbs can fail to operate as they should because of breakage, arcing, heat, internal wear, damage, corrosion, or manual settings on them that have been changed.
  • 5. Miswiring. Poor workmanship can result in the other cause-categories, but this one refers to actual mistakes made in connections, often when a device is replaced.

Common Terms

24/7 Emergency Service

NJES Electric operates on your schedule by providing installations that are convenient to your company’s operating needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, what business hasn’t had a power emergency? Emergencies can happen anytime and can be as harrowing as a natural disaster, as random as a thunderstorm, or as surprising as a power company electrical failure. Emergencies caused by power outages can take many forms and critically affect businesses in a variety of ways. NJES understands how dependent your business operation is to its electrical power and data systems and we can provide you with 24/7 rapid response service during these critical events and get you back on line quickly.

Backups / Generators

By installing a Generator Backup and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) at your facility, you can ensure that data is protected and the lights, power, and systems critical to the operations of your business continue to stay on even when everyone else is in the dark.

Preventative and Predictive Maintenance

Preventative and Predictive Maintenance programs are the key to heading off electrical and data problems before they become expensive. Predictive Maintenance provides the ability to identify problems before they happen and coordinate an orderly repair. NJES Electric can help your business keep its systems operating and avoid down time by using one or both of these regular maintenance plans. NJES ‘s Preventative and Predictive Maintenance programs can be customized and performed at convenient hours and during a slower business season.

Energy Saving Audits

Conserving energy is a major concern. Businesses large and small can benefit from energy conservation. NJES Electric has been helping customers save money by reducing energy consumption for over 25 years. By conducting an Energy Audit, a NJES representative can evaluate various ways to help your business reduce the amount of energy being consumed and save money in the process.

Clean Power Supplies

Harmonics; transient voltage surges; voltage fluctuations; the lack of backup power availability; all of these effects cause problems for critical systems operating within businesses. Critical business systems such as computers, point-of-sale equipment, certain machines and other sensitive apparatus must have the voltage systems serving them constant for peak operating performance. No matter what the power issues are, NJES Electric will audit your power system requirements and show you the best way to keep it running trouble-free.